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Kupas Rabbeinu began as a three-times-a-year appeal held by the Rebbe Rashab, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe. This was to raise funds which the Rebbe would use for public causes. His son, the Rebbe Rayatz, established the operations of the fund and called it “Kupas Rabbeinu.”

“An appeal is made for Kupas Rabbeinu as it was founded in the time of the Rebbe Rashab. As mentioned several times, everyone will probably give according to the generosity of his pure heart … and those who want should mark down their name along with their mother’s name to be mentioned at the tziyun.

“Through this, G-d’s blessing will be drawn down in all matters, especially in ‘in order that you become wealthy,’ and to the extent of ‘please test Me in this, said G-d of Hosts,’ and to draw it down below ten hands-breadth, with ample parnassa, and to use the parnassa for things that are healthy, happy and good, both materially and spiritually.”

Sicha – Purim 5727


There is special importance in giving tzedaka daily, and since one does not always remember to give tzedaka every day, the Rebbe founded Keren HaShana toward which one donates according to the number of days of the year. The fund distributes money to tzedaka twice a day to provide merit to all the participants.

Throughout Tishrei, the Rebbe publicly urged participation in this fund.

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Chassidim giving money to support the Rebbe’s household was customary back when the Chassidic movement began. Over the years, the Rebbe gave some of the maamad money toward his mosdos and in accordance with that, today too, the money that comes in for maamad is given to the Rebbe’s mosdos.
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On Simchas Torah, rights are sold for the pesukim of “Ata Horeisa.” The donations toward this fund are also passed along to Kupas Rabbeinu for the work of the shluchim and Chabad Houses around the world, as well as to support families of Anash around the world.
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The custom of holding special appeals began in the time of the Rebbe Rashab and was greatly expanded by the Rebbe who held appeals at farbrengens over the course of the year. For example, at the 12 Tammuz farbrengen – for the mosdos Oholei Yosef Yitzchok; on 10 Shevat – for Keren Torah. In later years, the Rebbe held an appeal on every yoma d’pagra, a total of 26 appeals during the year.
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There is an ancient custom in Jewish communities to hold an appeal to help the needy buy food for Pesach. The Rebbe asked that a similar appeal be made before Tishrei to help with the holiday expenses. The money is given with great discretion and enables the recipients to shop for Yom Tov with dignity.
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Pidyon Nefesh

The custom of including a sum of money as “pidyon nefesh money” with a pidyon nefesh is an ancient practice from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu. When they would seek his or Aharon’s blessing, they would include money with the request as a “kofer nefesh” (atonement for the soul). The Rebbe would give this money to his mosdos and today too, the money given for pidyonei nefesh are given to the Rebbe’s mosdos.
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Founding and Administration of Kupas Rabbeinu

The Rebbe Rashab would raise money twice a year to be used for public needs. His son, the Rebbe Rayatz, founded the fund called Kupas Rabbeinu. In Cheshvan 5754, the Rebbe appointed his secretaries, Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Groner to run the fund. Since then, Kupas Rabbeinu is Chabad’s central tzedaka fund which is responsible for Keren HaShana, Maamad, Maos Chittim, etc. To manage the fund, the secretaries appointed a special committee to head the fund, whose members were elder Chassidim including, of blessed memory, R’ Chaikel Chanin, R’ Yehoshua Dubrawsky, R’ Berel Junik, R’ Refael Wilschansky, R’ Chaim Serebryanski, R’ Eliyahu Chaim Roitblatt, R’ Yitzchok Meir Morosov, R’ Yosef Ben-Tzion Reitzes, R’ Yosef Moshe Morosov, R’ Yehuda Leib Mochkin, R’ Shneur Zalman Shagalov, Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei, R’ Shmuel Blizinsky, R’ Aryeh Lebi Zusman, and yibadeil l’chaim tovim R’ Shmuel Melamed. Three years before the passing of the secretary R’ Yehuda Leib Groner he added R’ Yosef Boruch Spielman to the administration of Kupas Rabbeinu.